Thursday, March 28, 2013

Online Database, take 2

Yes, there was a DabbleDB that never got much traction and ran out of runway and a few other attempts at building a flexible online database where you could start with a spreadsheet and move to a fully functional, pivot-enabled (relational), workflow-enabled database with multiple publishable views.

We can all make guesses as to why they weren't very successful, but if it was for wrong timing or imperfect execution, the new entrant - STOIC stands a chance!  To start things off it's led by a proven SaaS entrepreneur Ismael Ghalimi.  Secondly, the adoption of web apps and probably the skillset that goes along with it have both progressed considerably since a few years ago..

So, best of luck to STOIC - I like what I'm seeing and will try to incorporate it into my set of tools.  Hope you will as well as this is not a fly-by-night play I don't think..

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