Monday, January 02, 2012

Details matter.. A LOT! And so do Use Cases..

Yes, we all know that details matter..  But how much??   Few technology businesses take details super-seriously.. Apples does..

I was looking for a way to post a document onto the blog today, started with the Slideshare - it let me do everything I wanted to - upload the document and embed it, except the embedded document didn't have the download function.  Would seem like a small detail, but I can see the reader wanting to download the document, save it somewhere, etc.. so fairly important feature..
I then tried Scribd - same thing, let me upload the document and embed it and yes, they DID have the download function.

Download.. would seem like a small detail.. but a deal-breaker for me..  Also Slideshare should review their use cases - I get a feeling that they are serving 100% of the available market with a 90% solution - which means they are getting little to none of it..  If they want to concentrate on presentations, fine, then cut out the document feature, and make it the best mechanism to run a presentation anywhere - phone, tablet, TV, etc - right now they fall short..

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