Monday, January 23, 2012

Getting Things Done... Blueprint found!

Came across an article that Karol K. (@carlosinho) published with a diagram that goes deeper then most into GTD - I think it's pretty solid..  People are not computers however, so following this process takes a lot of discipline and work, but this could also be food for thoughts to the product vendors that should integrate this into their workflows (hint..).

See HERE for the complete article..

Thursday, January 12, 2012

MangoApps might be the Closest thing to Facebook for Business

I had a pleasure of walking through MangoApps the other day and I must say I was pretty impressed!
With a lot of press going to Yammer and Jive for their office collaboration solutions, I think MangoApps could give them a run for their money (at least to Yammer)..

I like the solutions that have been well thought out and go deep and MangoApps certainly fits the bill there.  Here some things that have stuck with me about it:

  • Both SaaS and On-premise
  • Integrated with Sharepoint, S3, and
  • Can invite guests to projects, groups, networks, events
  • Task workflows!  Can assign a workflow to any task
  • Tasks are divided into Queued, Working, Pending
  • Running tape of tasks on the Dashboard page

The company is solid but not flashy, and more importantly they seem to be in it for the long haul!  I talked to them about their development practices - it's not easy to combine SaaS and ship product for on-premise at the same time, but they seem to have it worked out, with small incremental releases hitting the SaaS first, then rolling it into larger releases for the on-premise installs.

The depth of the solution is very well there, which is visible from things like task workflows, guest management, and integrations with document hosting systems and directories.

Pricing seems right (both for SaaS and on-premise installs), with quite a bit flexibility for cost-cutting if needed:

There are a few things missing from my perspective, namely ability to provide your own storage for documents (they are using Amazon S3 for storage, but same bucket for everyone), and support for more rigid organizations with limited visibility, but Orange assured me they are working on it..

Overall, a Very Strong Little-Known Contender in the Enterprise Collaboration Space!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Salesforce uses kids and puppies to get new customers

It has been about 10 months since Salesforce acquried Manymoon - a simple task management platform very popular on Google Apps Marketplace.

What have they done with it since?  Well, for one, they just launched arguably the cutest ad campaign in tech, telling a story of a the 3rd graders running for class president.

What does mean for Salesforce?  Most probably a way to get the new online teams onto Salesforce platform while they are young.. has a nice simple HTML5 client that runs in a web browser as shows well on tablets.  They also have a native client for the iPhone.  No native client for Android however. adds to many choices for the collaborative task management.  I definitely wouldn't say it's the best one, but it will certainly work for the 3rd grade politics :)

Monday, January 02, 2012

Details matter.. A LOT! And so do Use Cases..

Yes, we all know that details matter..  But how much??   Few technology businesses take details super-seriously.. Apples does..

I was looking for a way to post a document onto the blog today, started with the Slideshare - it let me do everything I wanted to - upload the document and embed it, except the embedded document didn't have the download function.  Would seem like a small detail, but I can see the reader wanting to download the document, save it somewhere, etc.. so fairly important feature..
I then tried Scribd - same thing, let me upload the document and embed it and yes, they DID have the download function.

Download.. would seem like a small detail.. but a deal-breaker for me..  Also Slideshare should review their use cases - I get a feeling that they are serving 100% of the available market with a 90% solution - which means they are getting little to none of it..  If they want to concentrate on presentations, fine, then cut out the document feature, and make it the best mechanism to run a presentation anywhere - phone, tablet, TV, etc - right now they fall short..

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