Thursday, December 08, 2011

Plaxo and Staying Relevant (or not)..

Remember when Plaxo was relevant?.. Keeping the contacts up to date was a real problem..  Still is to some degree, but much less so now with LinkedIn and Facebook where the contact info is attached to real people and doesn't need to be maintained separately anymore.

The problem of relevancy faces any successful project or business as the problems shift, but the organizations and the thinking has already been built to solve a specific issue and the more successful the product was at solving that problem, the harder it is to detach from it going forward.  However, detaching from the yesterday's problem is exactly what needs to be done in the modern world as the ground shifts all the time..

So what's my solution?  If I was Plaxo, I would look at what other problems/opportunities exist around the address book.. It doesn't take long to notice that contact info (business card) exchange is one of the hot issues.. If I was Plaxo, I would look at acquiring Bump App or building equivalent functionality..

In Today's world it's Stay Relevant or Die..


Sarang said...

Good article. Look at our novel solution to keep people connected over time: . We are trying to solve the problem of exchanging contact information and keeping it automatically updated.

I disagree that the problem is solved today with the likes of LI and Facebook. LI usage is very low. Around 2 million accounts fro India compared to 850m mobile users (just an example). The LI/FB way of managing contacts is however correct and that is what IntouchId does. IntouchId also lets you connect with people when you meet irrespective of the type of mobile phone you use.

Sarang said...

Clickable link to our site:

Unknown said...

Sarang, thanks for the comment. I would be happy to review your solution.

In general I agree - there's quite a bit of opportunity for innovation in contact capturing, staying in touch, and finding the right resource at the right time

Sarang said...

Thanks. I wanted to write to you but could not find your contact info on the blog at all. IntouchId solves this problem. All you would need to do is publish your IntouchId, which is a public number. I could simply request your contact information using your IntouchId and then it is up to you to share your information with me. Here is my IntouchId:*2010.1399.1401

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