Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Products vs. Platforms

I stopped by Enterprise 2.0 Conference this afternoon - a solid event with good exhibitors and speakers (highly recommend to visit if you haven't done so already)

One session that I sat in on that was of particular interest to me was Products vs. Platforms.  Here are some interesting thoughts that came up there:

"Usability Matters"!!! (as in it's often the reason a product succeeds or fails) 
"Discretionary efforts is the key to productivity" (as opposed to mandated activities) 
"Start with a product, finish with a platform" 
"Profiles are the basis for collaboration" 
"Pushing all information into one system doesn't work" (making a case for connecting information that resides in different systems) 
"Sharepoint: most used or most licensed?"

I will be covering some vendors I met at the conference in the next couple of days. 

If you happened to be in the area and have some time, definitely check out the event!

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