Monday, November 07, 2011

But what about Michael Scott??

Forbes ran an article on Social Power And The Coming Corporate Revolution couple of days ago.

It paints a picture of the inevitable "open" enterprise where everything is out in the open - from employee peer performance ranking, to the manager effectiveness, to the customer feedback, making the system very efficient and fair..  So the days of "The Office" as we know it today might be numbered, and we're entering the brave new world of Transparency..

The article is full of good insights and quotes:
I don’t think it’s crazy to ask if your CEO is the next Mubarak,” says Gary Hamel, one of business’ most eminent theoreticians of management. “The elites—or managers in companies—no longer control the conversation. This is how insurrections start.” Says Marc Benioff, CEO of, Inc.
“‘Information is power’ used to mean that hoarding information gave you power. Now we’re seeing that sharing information is power. The more you can share, the more you can help other people—and the more it becomes apparent you’re an expert and a valuable employee.” David Sacks, CEO of Yammer: 
Definitely a good and empowering read..

Some of the companies/products featured in the article:
Rypple -  employee performance management
Yammer - enterprise social network
Jive - enterprise social network

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