Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Wavemaker gets acquired

I've had it on my To Do list to do a review of Wavemaker for a while. Well, VMWare beat me to it - they acquired this young (less than 2yr old) startup.

WaveMaker describe themselves as an Open & Easy-to-Use Web & Cloud Application Development Platform - essentially a Platform-as-a-Service solution, or Visual Basic for the Cloud (my words, not theirs)

I'm not entirely sure why VMWare is pursuing this space - I see little reason for them to attract developers or even business people writing business apps - they don't own or host the underlying data (this is a much more obvious fit for companies SalesForce.com), but they obviously have something in mind.

Here's a snippet from Wavemaker letter on their site:

According to Gartner, only 20% of IT staff have expert app development skills – WaveMaker is the tool to enable the other 80% of IT to build web apps quickly and deploy them to the cloud with a single mouse click.

As WaveMaker went from 3,000 downloads a month in January, 2010 to 135,000 downloads a month in December, 2010, we realized that we had created the perfect “on ramp” for cloud computing. WaveMaker can play a big role in bringing large numbers of developers to the cloud, but on ly if we team with the right cloud partner.

Whatever the reason it VMWare is going in this direction, this acquisition stands to add legitimacy to the Platform-as-a-Service in general and situational business apps in particular. Professionals can write apps on WaveMaker's platforms without worrying what's going to happen to their app if something was to happen to the startup..

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