Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Intranet (self-hosted) Project Management, Ace Project

So say you're looking for an MS Project / Sharepoint alternative.. You have considered BaseCamp and the likes but they seem like shiny toys. You've looked at Wrike and LiquidPlanner - they seem capable alright, but you really want to own your data and be able to tweak things your way or integrate it with your inhouse data sources.. What do you do? If only there was a web-based project management alternative that came with the source code that was easy to understand and work on and data source that was portable?!

Enter Ace Project.. While not the flashiest project management tool around, it has an extensive list of modules: project management with portfolios, task dependencies, gantt charts, calendars, project templates; document management with document sharing, versioning and file locking; time sheet management; expense management with approval workflows; collaboration complete with internal mailbox; HR management, reporting, and other essentials. What's more important, it comes with a license that allows users to take over the code!

Bringing SaaS apps inhouse is a hot topic these days as rules and regulations make leaving data one someone else's servers a risk that a company must be willing to take. If you get a standards MS project suite, it will cost you a pretty penny and while it will be extensible, it will bring the MS development costs and complexities with it. Taking all that into consideration, I think products like ACE Project are going to be a good fit for many companies that are looking for real ownership of the IT products they deploy.

The self-hosted version of Ace Project for 50 users runs at $1,995. Hosted versions are available as well.

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