Thursday, January 20, 2011

Zoho Accounting - another step towards a complete online suite for small business

Just on the heals of my accounting solutions review, Zoho comes out with an announcement about Zoho Books, making its own claim to the small business accounting space.

I must say - it makes sense.. And Zoho has a lot going for it! It will integrate with the CRM, Reports, Scheduling, existing user hierarchy.. Sure, it's not as feature-rich or automated as some of the other products, but Zoho has got no lack of development zeal to fill in the gaps real quick.

The only thing stopping Zoho now in my mind is the fact that they are not a public company.. I don't know how many businesses will entrust their finances to an unregulated entity.. On the other hand that is the case with the rest of up-n-comers. How about that IPO, Zoho?

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Stew said...

I wonder if this is part of the cloud applications? Because I would be worried if something like a payroll software australia is online and accessible anywhere. I would prefer something that is client-based.

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