Monday, January 10, 2011

Intuit GoPayment "Free" plan or battle of mobile credit card readers

Maybe this is the day that my barber will start accepting credit cards!? Probably not.. but Intuit's GoPayment system that added a free plan option today, and along with half a dozen other players in the space is workign on making it easier for small businesses to collect payments on the go or to forgo more expensive and binding credit card machine options.
"Free" means that there's a plan without a monthly payment (which otherwise costs $12.95/mo). GoPayment also offers a free card reader (valued $60-120) so not a bad deal at all!

What is does NOT offer (and this is my beef with other Intuit's offerings) is integration with Quickbooks online! To which I say "reallY? You guys have got to get your internal groups to work with one another!" This creates a perfect opportunity for online accounting startups to offer a similar package that actually avoids the grunt work of double entry!

ReadWriteWeb had a nice review of the few mobile credit card solutions today.