Monday, December 13, 2010

Drag-n-drop a cell or little things that make a big difference

Zoho just released a drag-n-drop cell(s) feature in its spreadsheets product. By itself not a huge deal.. but what it does do is say a lot about how serious they are about their product's usability and business they are in in general. See, when you're a product manager, making a decision to prioritize drag-n-drop over some other big new feature usually faces an uphill battle from all the directions (engineers think it's to trivial to waste their time on and management has a tough time connecting this feature to dollars). It's only the companies that get that usability is at the core of adoption (I'm talking about really get it, not just a lip service) can be comfortable making those kinds of decision. So again, good job Zoho, keep it up!

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