Friday, July 17, 2009

Would you like email with that CRM?

Watch out Salesforce!.. no, really..

There's no doubt that Zoho is building good products. But it's different when you you find a new nugget of new useful functionality almost weekly - this makes a GREAT product. The feature that compelled me to write this blog entry is being able to configure email within Zoho CRM. This bridge between email and CRM has long been a bottleneck in CRM adoption, as without a nice integration people would gravitate back to email.
Leave it to Zoho to do this right - you set up your email in Zoho Business and link to it from within the CRM. You now have a new tab in the CRM for email, but more importantly, all the conversations are now tied into the client files without needing to do it explicitly!

This feature only costs $3/user/month, which is affordable to any kind of business and does not require the kind of spit-and-gum integration that would be needed with (not to mention that it would be 10x more expensive). This feature, in addition to the amazing AJAX work they've done to make the system lightening-fast, makes Zoho CRM a winner in my book.
Also, I have a feeling that there's more to come with integration of their other office applications into the CRM.. Can't wait..

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