Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Skype gets built-in Screen Sharing. Watch out WebEx!

In a stroke of genius or simply by stumbling into it, Skype is gracefully extending itself to the lucrative and real web conferencing market. Yes, Skype 4.1 now includes native screensharing.. and like everything Skype, it's EASY - just select the area on the screen that you want to share as you're talking to the other participants of your voice conference.

Why is this such a big deal? Think about it - if you've ever done WebEx or any type of other web conferencing that typically inolved going through a presentation, you know that things rarely go smoothly - installing the agent, wrong version of java, separate phone bridge not working, meeting details getting mixed up in multiple versions of emails... etc.. it usually takes anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes to get things going. With Skype - it's a natural extension of their capabilities utilizing the ubiquity of the client, built-in video decoding, perfect voice quality, and easy and flexible conferencing options.

So here you have it - you heard it here first - Skype is the new Web Conferencing sheriff in town - watch out!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the scoop. I visited Skype recently but desktop sharing was not listed in the main feature list. I just did a search and found the related info.

Absar Khan said...

Hi. I have Skype 5.0 but didn't find any option for screen sharing per say. Is it the /Tools/Accessibility/Screen Reader Mode thingy?

Unknown said...

you will find the desktop sharing option once in a call. More information here:

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