Friday, November 09, 2007

Central Desktop

I’ve been using Central Desktop for almost a year now for project collaboration purposes and must say that it’s hard to imagine collaborating on projects without a tool like this anymore.

The product is couple steps up from Yahoo and Google groups, as neither of those provide ways to keep track of the tasks (the most important thing in running a project) Google may have one up its sleeve with their acquisition of JotSpot (is that thing still alive? it has been almost 6 month!), but I prefer an independent vendor that is motivated to make things work right and will not subject my data to any kinds of advertising analysis.


  • Very user friendly interface, lots of Ajax (in-place editing, etc)
  • Feature-rich (tasks, documents & discussions, calendaring, database, common project area)
  • Good collaboration functionality (notifications, document revisions)
  • Good outward integration (ical for the calendar, RSS feeds)


  • I can find very few cons with the system as it stands right now.. Little (but never the less, important) things on my wish list are:
    1. add Roles to the system so I don't have to reassign all the tasks every time somebody on the project leaves or if there are several people who could tackle the same task.
    2. Project Management features like time estimation, resource leveling, dependencies are what I think is the natural next step in the product evolution.

Despite a few drawbacks, this is the only product on the market that I found so far that provides this level of functionality for the price. Their pricing I think is fair ranging from Free for small projects to $249/mo for a 100 person team.

I think it deserves 4.5 stars!