Friday, February 02, 2007

Zoho CRM

I'm very picky about my CRMs having been in the CRM space for quite a while.
I started looking for the CRM for the new project I'm working on and while I've seen some of the other Zoho applications before, I never paid much attention to their CRM. I guess subconsciously I placed it in the "noise CRMs" category which quite a few of wanna-be CRMs out there fall under.

Well, I was in for a pleasant surprise! Zoho CRM turned out to be a very solid product. It's flexible enough to allow for tab, field and sales process customization; has integration with web forms (which to me is a must have these days); has potent workflows allowing for alerts and messages; I haven't tried lead assignments, but is has that as well. It has everything one needs for support including the knowledgebase and a well thought out quotation/product price management engine. But most of all, it's polished! The big problem with the software these days is that it's become "feature check mark driven" and usability improvements rarely make their way onto developer's schedules. Well, this is definitely not the case with Zoho. Two thumbs up and 5 stars!


Arvind said...

Thanks for trying out Zoho CRM and for your glowing review/compliments :-)

Keep using it and do send in your valuable suggestions and comments to feedback(at)zohocrm(dot)com


Adrian said...

Hi, I like they way you created and manage your blog. As long as I have time, I will try to keep visiting. And if you ever need Live Chat solutions for business, please search for LIVECHAT ContactCenter! Bye!

Unknown said...

Zoho does offer a nice CRM component. Also check out, they have free contact management integrated with an online business community. You can also upgrade to get the full CRM capabilities (like workflows etc.)

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