Monday, October 16, 2006

WebEx Office

To tell you the truth I expected more from WebEx.
It seems to have quite a few features at the first glance (calendaring, contact management, custom databases, forums, email), however it lacks the refinement of a good 2.0 application. Practically every link is a page reload which is annoying.. To use email you have to get one from WebEx. There's an ability to send email to groups but no email automation. To enter an appointment on the calendar, you have to jump screens.
On the plus side, the layout is neat and clean. Something else that disturbs me is that they haven't made any changes since last time I saw it (about 3 months ago), makes me wonder how seriously they are treating this project.

With that said, I'm giving WebEx WebOffice a 2 star ranking. Coming from an established company I expect more.

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utahdeb said...

I am dissatisfied with the inability to syncronize with smartphones and the lack of email service. You can send an email thru their webex office, but it doesn't track it or save it ANYWHERE. That part makes no sense to me. With mobility such an important factor in today's business, the lack of push syncronization of calendar, contacts and mail to a mobile device is a huge minus.

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